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Where we are waiting with a sincere smile and open arms to guide you in the magical journey that represents traveling through Bolivia. No matter which city you visit, in each of our hotels you will find the best expressions of Andean art and architecture that will make you live our culture to the fullest, as well as witness the traditions and customs that characterize our Aymara origins.

With more than 40 years in the world of hospitality, our main goal and desire is to serve our guests so that they feel at home while discovering the secrets of Bolivia, an experience that we are sure they will keep forever in their memory and heart.

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Hotel Rosario La Paz

Located in the Historic Center, here you can witness the interesting dynamic that is experienced daily in the area; a mixture of folklore, craftsmanship and living culture.

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Hotel Rosario Lago Titicaca

Located on the shores of the highest lake in the world, here you will find a comfortable and friendly place where nature and mysticism are the main characters.

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Hotel Rosario La Paz Sur

Surrounded by wide streets, elegant shops, and luxurious cafes and restaurants, here you will stay in the most modern area of the Bolivian capital.

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Hotel Rosario Uyuni

Visit one of the most popular destinations in Bolivia and enjoy a night rest in our hotel, where the architecture is in harmony with the environment and geography.

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